​MBT Fine​ Arts

My love of materials pushes the work forward. Fiber and the myriad ways it can be manipulated compel me. Paper (a plant fiber) is a ground for other mediums but offers boundless possibilities. I embellish the paper and deconstruct it then reconstruct it through small repetitive gestures, creating a fabric on canvas entitled, “Topography.”  The time-intensive process for each piece in the series is daunting but I embrace the opportunity for prolonged and heightened awareness.

​​Knitting is crucial to my fine art practice - the repetition is a form of meditation and a catalyst for spiritual elevation. It's ironic but forming an object slowly through repetitive gestures requires a kind of separation from the tangible, the material.  Process is the portal to my visual mythology, where an Orisha, aka Whisperer, informs my practice.

"There is a figure, a woman who is abstracted to some extent. I think of her often but she is silent and elusive. One day she will emerge from deep within a green thicket whispering... and then we will paint her..."

-MBT 2/28/10

I paint, sculpt, knit and delve deeper into the content of Whisperer, who is a storyteller and writer (calligraphy) , a dressmaker and lover of lace, proficient in all the domestic arts, and who often emerges from a field of cotton:

I told her I'd been dreaming of cotton blossoms, and her eyes grew long as the smile spread across her face, "Of course you have, I sent them to you.  And now you must create and tell stories, those that haven't yet been told."


Unwittingly, I have conjured an ancestral spirit and cotton (a plant fiber) is now medium, motif and metaphor.

"My Orisha is a maker who can take a wild cotton blossom, spin it, weave it, and transform it into an intricate lace garment. She watches over me and shares many secrets."