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​MBT Fine​ Arts

Although some might call me a self-taught artist, I prefer to think of myself as unconventionally trained.  I studied literary arts in college and worked as a freelance writer of political and social commentary.  Once my family was established and settled however, I launched an at-home art consulting company.  For four years I represented Bay Area emerging artists, making studio visits and organizing exhibitions in my home.  In addition, I worked as a docent at SFMOMA for four years.  These experiences offered an art education unavailable in the classroom.  Admittedly, I believe artists are born not made.  And it is the lucky artist who stumbles upon the path to her destiny: expressing what it is to be human.

As an abstract painter, I’m interested in the interplay between organic and geometric forms and the negative spaces from which they project.  My work is an attempt to communicate inspiration through visual intuition.   It’s often difficult to explain inspiration but we know when we see it.  It’s an intuitive knowing.  When the paintings are successful, the viewer recognizes inspiration - he/she is reminded of a moment of it, which is why the painting holds our gaze.

I tend to work in series, which allow me to explore and develop a visual idea over a period of time.  These ideas are expressed through a range of signature materials such as graphite, acrylic, oil stick, decorative and hand-painted paper, hemp, and other plant fibers. 

Painting is like telling a story but it’s one I’ve never heard. So as I’m telling it to you, it’s revealing itself to me.

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